1. I was Prime Minister for two periods, without completing a full term.

2 Said ‘Sorry’ several times, for a range of things..

3 Ratified the ‘Kyoto’ protocol, as it was about to expire without a successor.

4 Organised ‘best and brightest summit’ - talkfest.

5 Set up ‘fuel watch’, since totally abandoned.

6 Set up ‘grocery watch’, also since totally abandoned.

7 Established the Australian Social Inclusion Board. The Board has been described as a "complete wank, .... the biggest waste of tax dollars imaginable, also since totally abandoned.

8 Set up the home insulation program - what a disaster!

9 Sent money direct to taxpayers and non-taxpayers to spend on large screen imported TV's, to maintain popularity rating, failed.

10. Turned Gillard loose with $16.7 billion to give building contractors, states and bureaucrats a feast, in return for COLA’s and unwanted libraries and gyms.

11 Changed the immigration laws so successfully, that the exponential blow-out in illegal boat arrivals created a new industry.

12 Went to Copenhagen taking 114 government free-loaders with me. Nearly achieved a global disaster.

13 Fixed the health and hospital system until Julia stuffed it up again.

14 Fixed the health and hospital system again, with huge unfunded future promise, after rolling Julia.

15 Got rolled by Tony Abbott.

16 Became an International Diplomat and could have been the greatest United Nations Secretary General ever, but for Turnbull.